EastEstate Real Estate Web Portal

Getting Started


EasyEsate Real Estate Portal provide you with a quick and easy way to create a real estate portal. EasyEstate is based on Laravel5.2 PHP framework, Laravel is a free, open-source and most popular PHP web framework. It was designed with bootstrap 3 and 100 % responsive.


  • Forntend
  • Backend
  • Admin Login : Username : admin@admin.com , Password : test123
  • Agent Login : Username : agent@agent.com , Password : test123


  • Multiple Homepage
  • Homepage with slider option
  • Homepage with Google map option
  • Multiple Listing pages
  • Property Listing page simple grid lisitngs
  • Featured Listing
  • Sale Listing
  • Rent Listing
  • Menu Managment
  • Slider Managment
  • Language Editor
  • Html Editor
  • Newslatters
  • Payment with Stripe and Paypal
  • Admin can add/edit categories
  • Admin can add/edit features i.e Lift, pool etc.
  • Property For Rent/Sale
  • Other Property Options i.e Beds, Bath, Area, built year etc.
  • Admin Settings page i.e title, email, phone etc
  • Agent and Individual Seller Registration and Login
  • Agent and Individual Seller Facebook Login
  • Agent can Add/Edit Properties
  • Profile Update
  • Security Like, Google Captcah, XSS and CSRF (soon Google 2FA added)
  • Agents Page
  • Agents Property Listing
  • Loan Calculator
  • About Us (Html Page)
  • Contact Us
  • Beautiful Gallery Page
  • Multilingual (en,sp,fr) Frontend only
  • MultilCurrency
  • Detailed and Compact view of property detail
  • Comprehensive options to customize.
  • Easy install; 100% integration

Installation On Shared Hostings

  • Unzip the main zip file and upload your public_html folder (Linux hosting user will not upload vendor folder)
  • Give 777 permission to storage/ and bootstrap folder
  • Create database in phpmyadmin and import .sql file from DB folder (DB_Main.sql)
  • Set Database in .env file
  • Move all public files to root folder in(public_html or your website folder)
  • open index.php
    require __DIR__.'/../bootstrap/autoload.php';
    $app = require_once __DIR__.'/../bootstrap/app.php';
    require __DIR__.'/bootstrap/autoload.php';
    $app = require_once __DIR__.'/bootstrap/app.php';
  • $app->bind('path.public', function() { return __DIR__; }); (Add this index.php)
  • also set 777 permission to puclic/images folder as well
  • Site is ready

Installation On Linux

  • Unzip the main zip file and upload your html folder (without vendor folder)
  • Give 777 permission to storage/ and bootstrap folder
    i.e (Linux: chmod -R 777 foldername)
  • Run Linux command (composer install or composer update)
  • Create database in phpmyadmin and import .sql file from DB folder
  • Set Database in .env file
  • Done

Database Settings


SMTP Setting

  • open .env file

Facebook Login Setting

  • Open Facebook page for developers
  • Hover over My Apps and click on Add a New App and select Website.
  • Enter the app name. On the next step select the category and click Create App ID
  • Back to the Developer's dashboard. Click on Settings and Add Platform. Choose Website and type your development domain (http://yoursite.com) and Save Changes.

In the config/services.php add credentials for facebook

		'facebook' => [
			'client_id' => '690344774435367',
			'client_secret' => 'ebc50d3fd1d2f7286e02d247e5751ef4',
			'redirect' => '',


  • Login to Admin
  • Enable or Disable Captcha
  • Enable or Disable Login Permission
  • You can change Logo
  • goto setting page. You can change basis setting here


  • Login to Admin
  • Property Listing
  • Add/Update Property

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